Introducing Bookbinding Basics!

The Cincinnati Book Arts Society is thrilled to announce Bookbinding Basics, a 3-year cycle of classes designed to bring students from an introduction to bookbinding through simple structures and historical bindings to enclosures and artistic variations for greater personal expression. The course begins September 13th with Tools and Tips, an introduction for those brand new to the book arts and wondering where to begin. By the end of the first year attendees will be familiar with a variety of adhesive and sewn bindings. Taught by experienced bookbinders and book artists, each class will build on the skills and techniques learned in preceding classes. Beginners are encouraged to attend them in sequence, but enrollment will be per class to allow more experienced students to choose the ones they wish to participate in. Classes will cost $25 for members, $35 for non-members, and will be held 6-9pm on the second Wednesday of every month at the CBAS studio in Essex Studios. Check the website regularly for updated information, course details, and to register for upcoming sessions. Contact with questions.

New Uses for Produce

by Cecie Chewning

Who knew that carrots, apples, corn, potatoes, turnips, limes and others were just waiting for their chance to become tools to make art?

Janice led CBAS Study Group last weekend to explore the possibilities of stamping with veggies and fruits as well as with grasses, leaves and other growing things. There was also fun foam available to cut and print with. Dee led off the afternoon with examples of her printed work to inspire the group.

Here’s a sampling of the afternoon’s creativity:

Remember…as a CBAS member you, too, can explore your talents with Study Group that meets once a month in our studio at Pendleton Arts Center. For more information, contact Janice at

Inspiration on Film

Feeling stuck? Here are a few movies to get you un-stuck:

Who Does She Think She Is? OK, I admit I cry during some point during almost every movie I watch. That includes The Color Purple, Big, Ponyo, and The Secret World of Arietty, plus every film mentioned in this post. OK, and some commercials. But throughout this one I was a mess! Trying not to defer the dream takes an enormous amount of emotional, personal, and financial effort — but not as much as ignoring your gifts. Witnessing these brave women’s lives can be quite draining, but also inspiring.

Camille Claudel Kind of depressing, but the passion, wow! Such a beautiful film. I saw this back in the day (it came out in ’88). Rodin (played by Gerard Depardieu) is kind of a tool. Isabelle Adjani is marvelous, as always.

Ratatouille A little French rat pursues his impossible dream of becoming a chef. What’s not to love?

What movies inspire you? Discuss!

Bookworks: Not Just Paper

What are some of the Bookworks books made from? To name just a few ingredients —

  • Rolodex
  • Needlepoint
  • Pussy hat
  • Matchbox
  • Wood (the letters are burned on!)
  • Rust
  • Indigo
  • Photographs
  • Beads made from toilet paper

There’s even an old-timey doctor’s bag that appears alongside one book.

The display is in the Atrium of the Main Library thru September 3. Do stop by!