Cool Collage

It’s getting hotter outside, but we learned about collage with the coolest, Sara Pearce.

Sara talked about materials, technique, and copyright, among other things. She also challenged us to a variety of small projects, including using monochromatic materials (I was compelled to add red to my gray assignment — fail!), using only letters and numbers, and then creating something using vintage pictures and ephemera.

Here are a few helpful hints:

  • Move the paper, not your cutting hand. This makes the project easier to manage.
  • When cutting large pieces, cut the center parts out first. That way, the piece is less likely to fall apart.
  • Glue dots aren’t just for kids! Glue aficionados agree that glue dots work. You can stick a piece together, then take it apart!
  • A top coat keeps everything together and gives a nice finish. Use a variety of glues (experiment) or even varnish.

Here are some photos, courtesy Janice Kagermeier:

Sara brought fun stuff to share!

More kinds of glue than you can imagine!!!

Careful cutting.

Positioning pieces.

Terminal stud!

More fine work by Veronica!

“Useful Beauty” by Kelly

Shifu Study Group

Photos from my Paper Threadmaking Explorations I taught to the Cincinnati Book Art Society Study Group where we tried 15 different papers I purchased from Suder‘s Art Store in Cincinnati. Thanks to Susan Byrd, who taught us all about the Art of Shifu (cloth woven with paper thread) and the how to make paper thread at her lecture at the Cincinnati Art Museum and her workshop in Cincinnati on March 4, 5.








Gellin’ with Study Group

Room full of artistsRoomFullOfArtists2






Members of the CBAS Study Group gathered on the second Saturday of September to learn about printing with a gelli plate. Wow, did we have fun! Study Group Coordinator Janice Kagermeier had homemade gelli plates all ready for us; we had a choice of circles, squares or rectangles. Members Jo Diamantes and Patty Bertsch led the session. First they introduced us to the care of our plates.

Jo beginning demonstrationGelli plateThey talked about recipes for homemade plates and about where to buy commercially produced ones. We each received a packet of great hand-outs and a bag of materials that could be used to enhance our printing. Acrylic paints were provided. After a little instruction and some examples of finished work to see, we were off and running. Our three-hour class flew by. With a wide range of styles and aesthetic choices we enjoyed looking at each other’s production and were inspired to continue to explore this easy and rewarding printing technique. Here are some images of…


Creativity in progress2Creativity in progress3Creativity in progress1



Thanks to Patty and Jo for their thorough prep and for being such great teachers. And we are ever so grateful to Janice for making all those plates.

Photos from Janice and Cecie.

Study Group focuses on photos

StudyGroup1Last Saturday we looked at ways to use photographs in our bookmaking projects. To begin the afternoon there was a brief show-and-tell to see how some of our fellow bookmakers had already used photographs in their work. Then we visited three stations set up by Anjali, Veronica and Janice.



Anjali talked and answered questions about making sun prints and sent us home with prepared paper to try on a sunnier day. She also took “dress-up” shots of us with a Fujifilm Instax camera.


Who are these mysterious strangers? Maybe you can tell a story with a group of photos like this in a book you’ll make.

StudyGroup4Veronica showed us how to make an origami frame to hold a photo. By making several frames and linking them together, you can make a book. (Look for one of hers using the links in our upcoming exhibition, Bookworks XVII, opening at the Main Branch of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County on June 13.) StudyGroup5Veronica also demonstrated packing tape transfers using laser printed copes of photos.


StudyGroup8 StudyGroup7Janice talked about a variety of ways to manipulate photos with our computers, and she brought a nice sampling of her own books plus a couple of posters to illustrate some of the options. A handout included a list of free photo editing software along with suggestions about reasons to include photos in our books and ways to incorporate them.

Thanks to our three teachers. You got us thinking and motivated to try something new!