The Annual Meeting!

April 2 was the date of the first CBAS annual meeting in the new Essex space. You can see how shiny it is from Anjali‘s picture:

What do CBAS people do when they get together? They eat tasty food! Oh, and make books. Here are the materials:

Aaaannnndddd, here’s a finished product!


Couldn’t make it? (I couldn’t.) See you next year! If you can’t wait that long, stop by a study group or other event.

As Seen on TV

CBAS member Judith Serling-Sturm describes “the work of keeping things together” in this great piece on The Art Show.

Great local views of Suder’s, Bookworks, and the recent show at the Lloyd Library, too!

Watch more episodes of The Art Show online or on the tube. You might just see someone you know!


Judith with a new 2nd Amendment variation

Meet the New Blog

This is the new-ish blog, part of the newly revamped CBAS website. I, Anne, a former CBAS board member and current regular member, am doing much of the blogging at this time.

But what about the old blog? The old posts are archived here. Many good resources, fantastic pictures, profiles of CBAS board members, and more! It’s not a crime to read/link to/bookmark both.







Gellin’ with Study Group

Room full of artistsRoomFullOfArtists2






Members of the CBAS Study Group gathered on the second Saturday of September to learn about printing with a gelli plate. Wow, did we have fun! Study Group Coordinator Janice Kagermeier had homemade gelli plates all ready for us; we had a choice of circles, squares or rectangles. Members Jo Diamantes and Patty Bertsch led the session. First they introduced us to the care of our plates.

Jo beginning demonstrationGelli plateThey talked about recipes for homemade plates and about where to buy commercially produced ones. We each received a packet of great hand-outs and a bag of materials that could be used to enhance our printing. Acrylic paints were provided. After a little instruction and some examples of finished work to see, we were off and running. Our three-hour class flew by. With a wide range of styles and aesthetic choices we enjoyed looking at each other’s production and were inspired to continue to explore this easy and rewarding printing technique. Here are some images of…


Creativity in progress2Creativity in progress3Creativity in progress1



Thanks to Patty and Jo for their thorough prep and for being such great teachers. And we are ever so grateful to Janice for making all those plates.

Photos from Janice and Cecie.