Wishin’ and Hopin’

We’re looking forward to the CBAS Holiday Potluck this Saturday, December 9 at noon.  If you’ve already RSVP’ed, thank you. If you’re planning to come but haven’t RSVP’ed yet, please let us know so we can plan for supplies. Thanks in advance for bringing something yummy to share.
Several people have asked if CBAS needs anything for our studio, and the answer of course is Yes! If you’d like to bring a holiday gift for the studio, it would be greatly appreciated.  Here is our wish list, in no particular order:
  • Monetary donations are always welcome
  • Forever stamps
  • A bottle of wine (for open houses, art walks, annual meeting, Bind & Unwind)
  • Bottled water (individual size)
  • Coke or Diet Coke (small or medium sized bottles; 2-litre bottles don’t fit in the fridge)
  • Clear plastic cups (6- or 8-oz, for wine)
  • Hot drink cups with lids
  • Toilet tissue
  • Paper towels
  • Plastic tablecloths (rectangular, 54″ x 108″, any color, available at the Dollar Store, grocery store or anywhere you can buy party supplies)
  • Colored cardstock (8 1/2″ x 11″, bright colors, packs from Michael’s are nice quality)
  • Small flat brushes for glue

Let us know if you have any questions. Looking forward to seeing many of you Saturday!

Biophilia: Standing Witness

Can’t wait for this new show at Studio San Guiseppe Art Gallery. There’s always something new and interesting at this place. With Biophilia: Standing Witness, CBAS will recognize some longtime members. Judy Dominic and Peg Rhein both have work in the show.

Studio San Guiseppe describes the exhibition as: “[W]orks from twelve women artists with  unique relationships and creative responses to the cry of the natural world and the knowing that occurs through seeing.” It also features a tribute to Sister Paula Gonzalez, an environmental activist who promoted sustainability for decades.

Peg was nice enough to send some words about her work (photos are also courtesy Peg!):

Every spring in Cincinnati brings more of the “curse” of Lesser Celandine. You might be taken in by the cheerful simple bright yellow flowers dancing in the wind over a carpet of kidney shaped dark green leaves. Hiding underground is a rapidly growing army of tiny bulblets and each plant produces 70+ seeds. It was introduced to our country in the 1800’s and is taking over all of our woodlands and competing out all the native plants that provide food for our indigenous wildlife and insects.

It is impossible to get rid of so I decided to make some paper from the leaves to have something good come from it.

Harvesting a giant bag of just the leaves, washing and cooking them in a solution of water and soda ash for a short time, they cooked down into next to nothing. I only ended up making a few sheets of 100% Lesser Celandine and then slowly added Abaca fiber to the mix until the green was exhausted. The pages of the 4″ x 6″ papers tell the story. The cover is Abaca with cooked Horsetail reeds embedded in the paper during the papermaking process. The wrapper is my handmade linen paper that I crinkled and waxed.

Inspired, Naturally!

If you missed the Valentine to Nature show at the Cincinnati Nature Center last winter, you can see much of the work on display at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center show, Naturally Inspired.

If you did see the Nature Center show, come to the new one anyway. There are many new and different works by CBAS members. The change in exhibition space makes for an entirely new-to-you show. Naturally Inspired is much larger, with plenty more wall space for non-book art.

The range is impressive. I had to look up words such as collagraph and kozo. This is usually the case for any CBAS show — everyone comes at book arts from a different perspective. Members are photographers, bookbinders, painters, textile artists, sculptors, weavers, writers, poets, paper makers, etc. This is a unique combination of talents you won’t find anywhere else in town.

A cool thing about the opening was that many of the artists were present. They answered questions and discussed the history of CBAS. If you missed it, fear not — the show runs thru June 2.

“Crossroads” by Mary Jo Flamm-Miller

“Elephant Walk” by Judy Folkenburg

“Grow” by Cecie Chewning

“Leaf” by Anne Skove

“Soar Portfolio” by Carol Lang

The Annual Meeting!

April 2 was the date of the first CBAS annual meeting in the new Essex space. You can see how shiny it is from Anjali‘s picture:

What do CBAS people do when they get together? They eat tasty food! Oh, and make books. Here are the materials:

Aaaannnndddd, here’s a finished product!


Couldn’t make it? (I couldn’t.) See you next year! If you can’t wait that long, stop by a study group or other event.