Inspiration on Film

Feeling stuck? Here are a few movies to get you un-stuck:

Who Does She Think She Is? OK, I admit I cry during some point during almost every movie I watch. That includes The Color Purple, Big, Ponyo, and The Secret World of Arietty, plus every film mentioned in this post. OK, and some commercials. But throughout this one I was a mess! Trying not to defer the dream takes an enormous amount of emotional, personal, and financial effort — but not as much as ignoring your gifts. Witnessing these brave women’s lives can be quite draining, but also inspiring.

Camille Claudel Kind of depressing, but the passion, wow! Such a beautiful film. I saw this back in the day (it came out in ’88). Rodin (played by Gerard Depardieu) is kind of a tool. Isabelle Adjani is marvelous, as always.

Ratatouille A little French rat pursues his impossible dream of becoming a chef. What’s not to love?

What movies inspire you? Discuss!