Cincinnati Book Arts Society (CBAS) which began in 1998, is a nonprofit organization comprised of professionals and amateurs from all quarters of the book, paper and printing arts-bookbinders, paper makers, printers, paper marblers, and book artists, as well as archivists and conservators-for the purpose of creating a spirit of community among hand workers in the book arts and those who love books. We also strive to increase educational opportunities for private individuals as well as institutions and other organizations, fostering excellence through exhibitions, workshops, lectures, and publications dealing with various aspects of the art of the book throughout the year. In addition to classes and workshops, we also sponsor programs, lectures and meetings open to the public. CBAS works in conjunction and collaboration with other nonprofit arts organizations and educational institutions to enhance and expand complementary programs. Our plans for the future include opening a facility which will house book arts and printing equipment and supplies for workshops. The facility will be available for use by interested individuals or groups, and will contain a gallery and resource library. CBAS publications include a website featuring items of interest to book, printing and paper enthusiasts, such as book and exhibition reviews, technical articles, type samples, and historical essays. Membership is open to all who share our interests and support these goals.

Whether you are a bibliophile, a collector, an educator or an artist working in book, paper or printing arts, the Cincinnati Book Arts Society is for you. CBAS is the central organization in the Ohio–Kentucky–Indiana area for book lovers of all kinds, from beginners to seasoned professionals. Just as a book could not exist without all of its various parts, so CBAS depends upon its members for financial support in order to fund its programs. Find the membership level that is right for you, and join us in promoting the organization and its goals.

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To see a spreadsheet of past events, you can download an Excel document here.

Board Members 2017


Chairperson: Judith Serling-Sturm                    

Secretary: Patty Bertsch

Treasurer: Marguerite Katchen


Library Liaison: Diane Mallstrom

At Large Members

Anjali Alm-Basu

Jessica Ebert

Janice Kagermeier

Marguerite Katchen

Veronica Sorcher

Jeanne Taylor

Committee Chairs:

eCommunications: Peg Rhein

Website Coordinator: Anjali Alm-Basu

Outreach: Lou Kroner

Programs: Liz Scheuer

Public Relations: Augusta Sturm

Membership Coordinator:

Study Group Coordinator: Jo Diamantes

Studio Manager: Janice Kagermeier

Bind and Unwind: Veronica Sorcher

Essex Art Walks: Jessica Ebert

Blog: Anne Skove