Cradle and Pamphlet Stitch Workshop

Bookbinding Basics

Class #2

Cradle & Pamphlet Stitch

Wednesday, October 11     6:00-9:00 p.m.

Studio 164, Essex Studios, 2511 Essex Pl, Cincinnati, OH 45206


A punching cradle is one of the essentials of any bookmaker’s kit. You’ll make your own collapsible cradle, perfect for carrying to meetings and workshops and easy to store at home. Use your new cradle to learn pamphlet stitch binding, an easy and practical sewing technique with seemingly infinite variations. You’ll go home with several small handmade books and a foundation in sewing books that you’ll use again and again.

Instructor: Janice Kagermeier
Janice Kagermeier, a retired librarian and compulsive workshop attendee, is current CBAS Study Group Coordinator. She enjoys teaching binding techniques to CBAS members and friends.


$25 CBAS members $35 non-members

Advance registration required. RSVP by Monday, October 9.

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Biophilia: Standing Witness

Can’t wait for this new show at Studio San Guiseppe Art Gallery. There’s always something new and interesting at this place. With Biophilia: Standing Witness, CBAS will recognize some longtime members. Judy Dominic and Peg Rhein both have work in the show.

Studio San Guiseppe describes the exhibition as: “[W]orks from twelve women artists with  unique relationships and creative responses to the cry of the natural world and the knowing that occurs through seeing.” It also features a tribute to Sister Paula Gonzalez, an environmental activist who promoted sustainability for decades.

Peg was nice enough to send some words about her work (photos are also courtesy Peg!):

Every spring in Cincinnati brings more of the “curse” of Lesser Celandine. You might be taken in by the cheerful simple bright yellow flowers dancing in the wind over a carpet of kidney shaped dark green leaves. Hiding underground is a rapidly growing army of tiny bulblets and each plant produces 70+ seeds. It was introduced to our country in the 1800’s and is taking over all of our woodlands and competing out all the native plants that provide food for our indigenous wildlife and insects.

It is impossible to get rid of so I decided to make some paper from the leaves to have something good come from it.

Harvesting a giant bag of just the leaves, washing and cooking them in a solution of water and soda ash for a short time, they cooked down into next to nothing. I only ended up making a few sheets of 100% Lesser Celandine and then slowly added Abaca fiber to the mix until the green was exhausted. The pages of the 4″ x 6″ papers tell the story. The cover is Abaca with cooked Horsetail reeds embedded in the paper during the papermaking process. The wrapper is my handmade linen paper that I crinkled and waxed.

Tools and Tips workshop

Bookbinding Basics
Class #1
Tools and Tips (with One-Page Wonders)

$25 CBAS members $35 non-members
At the Cincinnati Book Arts Society Studio:Studio 164, Essex Studios, 2511 Essex Pl, Cincinnati, OH 45206, USA

Learn about the tools and materials used to make books. Experiment with basic techniques for working
with them, and find out what you need in your toolkit to get started as a bookbinder and book artist.
Finish out the class learning how to impress your friends and family making books from single sheets of

Instructors: Veronica Sorcher and Jessica Ebert
Veronica Sorcher, a lifelong book and paper addict, has been making handmade books since 2004, and
teaching binding techniques to Cincinnati Book Arts Society members and beyond since 2013.
Jessica Ebert has been making books since 2008 and loves making marbled paper, perhaps a little too
much. She is currently infatuated with modified long-stitch bindings, which she makes and sells on Etsy
( and at Essex Art Walks.

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Introducing Bookbinding Basics!

The Cincinnati Book Arts Society is thrilled to announce Bookbinding Basics, a 3-year cycle of classes designed to bring students from an introduction to bookbinding through simple structures and historical bindings to enclosures and artistic variations for greater personal expression. The course begins September 13th with Tools and Tips, an introduction for those brand new to the book arts and wondering where to begin. By the end of the first year attendees will be familiar with a variety of adhesive and sewn bindings. Taught by experienced bookbinders and book artists, each class will build on the skills and techniques learned in preceding classes. Beginners are encouraged to attend them in sequence, but enrollment will be per class to allow more experienced students to choose the ones they wish to participate in. Classes will cost $25 for members, $35 for non-members, and will be held 6-9pm on the second Wednesday of every month at the CBAS studio in Essex Studios. Check the website regularly for updated information, course details, and to register for upcoming sessions. Contact with questions.