Inspiration on Film

Feeling stuck? Here are a few movies to get you un-stuck:

Who Does She Think She Is? OK, I admit I cry during some point during almost every movie I watch. That includes The Color Purple, Big, Ponyo, and The Secret World of Arietty, plus every film mentioned in this post. OK, and some commercials. But throughout this one I was a mess! Trying not to defer the dream takes an enormous amount of emotional, personal, and financial effort — but not as much as ignoring your gifts. Witnessing these brave women’s lives can be quite draining, but also inspiring.

Camille Claudel Kind of depressing, but the passion, wow! Such a beautiful film. I saw this back in the day (it came out in ’88). Rodin (played by Gerard Depardieu) is kind of a tool. Isabelle Adjani is marvelous, as always.

Ratatouille A little French rat pursues his impossible dream of becoming a chef. What’s not to love?

What movies inspire you? Discuss!

Bookworks: Not Just Paper

What are some of the Bookworks books made from? To name just a few ingredients —

  • Rolodex
  • Needlepoint
  • Pussy hat
  • Matchbox
  • Wood (the letters are burned on!)
  • Rust
  • Indigo
  • Photographs
  • Beads made from toilet paper

There’s even an old-timey doctor’s bag that appears alongside one book.

The display is in the Atrium of the Main Library thru September 3. Do stop by!

Cool Collage

It’s getting hotter outside, but we learned about collage with the coolest, Sara Pearce.

Sara talked about materials, technique, and copyright, among other things. She also challenged us to a variety of small projects, including using monochromatic materials (I was compelled to add red to my gray assignment — fail!), using only letters and numbers, and then creating something using vintage pictures and ephemera.

Here are a few helpful hints:

  • Move the paper, not your cutting hand. This makes the project easier to manage.
  • When cutting large pieces, cut the center parts out first. That way, the piece is less likely to fall apart.
  • Glue dots aren’t just for kids! Glue aficionados agree that glue dots work. You can stick a piece together, then take it apart!
  • A top coat keeps everything together and gives a nice finish. Use a variety of glues (experiment) or even varnish.

Here are some photos, courtesy Janice Kagermeier:

Sara brought fun stuff to share!

More kinds of glue than you can imagine!!!

Careful cutting.

Positioning pieces.

Terminal stud!

More fine work by Veronica!

“Useful Beauty” by Kelly

Shifu Study Group

Photos from my Paper Threadmaking Explorations I taught to the Cincinnati Book Art Society Study Group where we tried 15 different papers I purchased from Suder‘s Art Store in Cincinnati. Thanks to Susan Byrd, who taught us all about the Art of Shifu (cloth woven with paper thread) and the how to make paper thread at her lecture at the Cincinnati Art Museum and her workshop in Cincinnati on March 4, 5.



Using Acrylic Medium in Artist Books

Cody Goodin gave an excellent presentation “Using Acrylic Mediums in Artist’s Books” for the Cincinnati Books Arts Society Study Group 5/13 at the CBAS Studio. Thanks to his connections at Plaza Artist Materials in Cincinnati we had a number of Golden Acrylic products to experiment with in the class.