As Seen on TV

CBAS member Judith Serling-Sturm describes “the work of keeping things together” in this great piece on The Art Show.

Great local views of Suder’s, Bookworks, and the recent show at the Lloyd Library, too!

Watch more episodes of The Art Show online or on the tube. You might just see someone you know!


Judith with a new 2nd Amendment variation


In the candle’s flickering light, the library’s thousands of books emerged from their shadows, and for a moment Nicholas could not help admiring them again. During free time he had almost never looked up from the pages he was reading, but now he saw the books anew, from without rather than from within, and was reminded of how beautiful they were simply as objects. The geometrical wonder of them all, each book on its own and all the books together, row upon row. The infinite possibilities they presented. They were truly lovely.

Perhaps one day, Nicholas thought, he would make a book himself.

The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict, by Trenton Lee Stewart. Illustration by Diana Sudyka.


Bind and Unwind

Got a stack of unfinished book projects? New projects you want to start but never seem to make time for? Ideas that could be projects if you could just brainstorm them with other artists?

Come to Bind & Unwind, the new CBAS get-together on the 3rd Thursday of every month that’s part open studio, and part potluck. Join us for a no-pressure evening of creativity, conversation and good company.

  • Where? The CBAS Studio – Studio 164 at Essex Studios, 2511 Essex Place
  • When? 6-9 pm, Thursday, January 19th, 2017
  • How much? $3 for CBAS members, $5 for non-members. Cash preferred.
  • What to bring? Bring your projects, your tools, your materials, a drinking vessel with a secure lid, and friends you think you might have fun making books with. You can also BYOB and/or a treat to share.
  • Do I have to be a CBAS member to attend? Absolutely not, but it’s a bit cheaper if you are. You can always join or renew your membership at a Bind & Unwind gathering.

CBAS will provide some light refreshments and non-alcoholic beverages, but we invite you to BYOB and/or a favorite treat to share. There will be supplies and guidance for some beginner projects available, if you or your friends are new to the book arts.

Seating capacity in the studio is limited to 24 people. Please RSVP to so we can gauge attendance and give you details on building access.

*Special note: this event is for those age 21 and up.