Tools and Tips workshop

Bookbinding Basics
Class #1
Tools and Tips (with One-Page Wonders)

$25 CBAS members $35 non-members
At the Cincinnati Book Arts Society Studio:Studio 164, Essex Studios, 2511 Essex Pl, Cincinnati, OH 45206, USA

Learn about the tools and materials used to make books. Experiment with basic techniques for working
with them, and find out what you need in your toolkit to get started as a bookbinder and book artist.
Finish out the class learning how to impress your friends and family making books from single sheets of

Instructors: Veronica Sorcher and Jessica Ebert
Veronica Sorcher, a lifelong book and paper addict, has been making handmade books since 2004, and
teaching binding techniques to Cincinnati Book Arts Society members and beyond since 2013.
Jessica Ebert has been making books since 2008 and loves making marbled paper, perhaps a little too
much. She is currently infatuated with modified long-stitch bindings, which she makes and sells on Etsy
( and at Essex Art Walks.

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