Safety First

Whether you’ve stabbed yourself in the thumb with an awl, tripped over a matte cutter that you left on the floor (guilty), or suffered a nasty paper cut (OW!), you know that art studios can be hazardous hellholes. However, many of these hazards can and should be avoided.

At a recent CBAS meeting (where, fortunately, the only potential hazard was an unstable coat rack), Judith reminded everyone to keep a first aid kit handy. 

Those who work around chemicals — photographers, painters, ceramicists, etc. — should use particular caution. 

The National Institute of Health and Department of Health and Human Services has compiled a handy list of resources called Keeping Artists Safe.

Be careful out there!


2 thoughts on “Safety First

  1. To the list provided by the Red Cross I would add a tube of Crazy Glue or Gorilla Glue. This is basically what is used in field hospitals. Worked great when I sliced off the pad of my thanks my. Just make sure to keep the tube clean and use only for first aid purposes.

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