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Congratulations to CBAS chair Marguerite Katchen who was asked to bind Rag & Pulp, the current edition of volume R of the Encyclopedia published by UPPERCASE, the Canadian quarterly magazine “for the creative and curious inspired by craft, design, typography and illustration.”

About the book Marguerite says “This book was bound using a modified “Secret Belgian”/Criss-Cross Binding. By “modified,” I mean that the linen thread that holds the front and back of the book to the spine is two colors. Each station was tied separately from the ones on either side, using contrasting threads. In a traditional Belgian Binding, one long, single-colored thread binds all of the stations to the spine at once.

The front and back covers are covered with paste paper I made on Tyvek. I cut this into 1/4″ warp strips and then wove them into a curved woof. There are also a few blue pieces of Rag & Pulp cover sheet woven into the cover for interest. The inside of the cover is plain, unwoven, Tyvek paste paper. The spine is wrapped in Siegel light blue smooth goat leather. Cover thread is Denim Blue 18/4 and Orange 18/3 linen thread. White 18/3 linen thread was used to bind the pages to the cover. The scissors made from Crayola Model Magic were added to the cover to identify the front of the book. This Crayola product is quite lightweight after drying and was affixed using PVA glue.”

For instructions on Criss-Cross/”Secret Belgian” binding, check out the Members Section for a video recording of the March 2021 Study Group session taught by Anjali Alm-Basu.

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