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Congratulations to CBAS member Cody Goodin who was recently appointed Artist-in-Residence at the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati. Since childhood, Cody has created art in a variety of media, often using stitching and fabric as forms of personal expression, healing and a tribute to his ancestors. His artist’s books have included works stitched on paper and fabric and been part of several CBAS exhibits including Bookworks at the downtown Main Library, The Mail Room at the Off Ludlow Gallery and Digging Deep into the Archives at the Lloyd Library.

In describing its program, the Contemporary Arts Center says, “This provides the Artist-in-Residence the opportunity to explore their own personal work, while engaging with the public to create together, and continue to grow as an artist.” As part of his appointment, Cody will be offering free twice weekly collaborative art sessions in the CAC’s Creativity Center.

To read more about Cody’s creative journey and when you can join one of his sessions to broaden your own creative horizons, see

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