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CBAS Board member Lou Kroner sent in this information and photos (taken by troop leader) from a recent workshop.
Scouts at work making books

Scouts at work making books

Scouts gather to watch demo by Lou

Scouts gather to watch demo by Lou

CBAS was contacted through the CONTACT link on our website about conducting a workshop for two Girl Scout troops in Mason, Ohio. This was in conjunction with the Girl Scout Book Artist badge. Lou Kroner represented our organization at the event held at the Mason Public Library on January 23.

Scout wraps boards for accordion covers

Scout wraps boards for accordion covers

The girls started out their work by talking about the history of books and tools that book artists use. Then they dissected an old casebound book to learn about the parts, materials, and structures that make up a book. Next, the participants went to work constructing three book models: a single-signature pamphlet stitched book, a single sheet book, and an accordion with boards wrapped in recycled maps. It was a most productive day!


[This is the third in a series of profiles of CBAS Board members.]

A recent Q & A with CBAS Board member Lou Kroner—

Lou in his bookmaking studio

Lou in his bookmaking studio

CBAS: Tell us a bit about your personal background.

LK: Although I am now retired, I spent thirty-six years as an elementary school teacher in several area schools. I also taught with Miami University’s Ohio Writing Project.

CBAS: When/how did you get interested in book arts?

LK: I’ve always been interested in paper and papermaking. When our own children were young, we made blender paper. While teaching, I helped students make their own paper by recycling construction paper scraps. The students then used their paper to cover a class book. In terms of bookmaking, I used to produce small booklets of my students’ writing. For several years, I was part of a team of teachers that produced Acorn Magazine, a literary and artistic publication for elementary school writers from several schools.

Can you mention any particular influences?

LK: I have been fortunate to study papermaking and various book arts with some excellent teachers including Mary Hark, Jo Stealy, Dolph Smith, Carol Barton, and Catherine Nash. I’ve also been inspired by CBAS presenters including Gabrielle Fox, Carolyn Whitesel, Beata Wehr, Karen Hanmer, Ed Hutchins, Peter Thomas, and Paul Johnson. Of course, the work of CBAS artists is always an influence.

CBAS: What types of book forms do you like best?

LK: I enjoy experimenting with books that are housed in a structure, often a box. This comes from a long interest in the work of Joseph Cornell and from my class with Dolph Smith.

CBAS: What are you currently working on?

Bins of Plant Materials

Bins of plant materials

LK: Most recently, I’ve been making paper from various plant materials (iris and cattail leaves, goldenrod, moss, and gourd vines) and dyeing papers with walnut ink and indigo.

Paper Stash

Paper stash











Papermaking Studio:Wood Shop

Papermaking studio and wood shop

CBAS: Where do you work?

LK: I work in several spaces in our home: a garage space that doubles as a papermaking studio and wood shop and a basement space for bookmaking. I work outside when cooking fibers for papermaking.

CBAS: How often are you making books?


One of Lou’s handmade paper sampler accordions

LK: I alternate between bookmaking work, papermaking, and assemblage projects and usually have several projects in various stages of completion at one time.

Paper art

Paper art

CBAS: How did you learn about CBAS? How long have you been a member? What have you enjoyed most about your CBAS membership?

LK: I joined CBAS after visiting one of the first Bookworks exhibits at the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County. My membership has allowed me to meet and learn from others who share an interest in bookmaking. I enjoy opportunities to work with aspiring bookmakers like Books by the Banks and through other CBAS outreach efforts.

CBAS: What is your Board role?

LK: I have served as CBAS chair and newsletter editor and currently serve as a member of the Board.


Recent Assemblage

Recent assemblages to be featured in September exhibition

Lou will be teaching bookmaking workshops this winter and spring for 2 troops of Girl Scouts in Mason, patrons of the MidPointe Library in West Chester and students  at Gamble Montessori High School. And mark September 2016 on your calendar. That’s when you can find Lou’s artwork featured locally with that of his brother Paul (a painter and sculptor now living in Cambridge, Massachusetts) at Ruth’s Parkside Cafe, 1550 Blue Rock Street, Northside.

CBAS Study Group Slides, Spins and Dissolves

Sample books with movables

Sample books with movables

Linda Dietrich led CBAS Study Group members last Saturday in an afternoon workshop focusing on several types of movables we might be able to incorporate in future books.

Setting Started1

Veronica gets started

Getting Started2

One row begins



We started with a slide mechanism and then moved to a dissolve, a changing circle, a simple pinwheel and a turning circle. Linda had learned the forms in a multiple-day workshop with Emily Martin ( in 2010 and used Emily’s instructions to guide us.



Now, what do I do with these?

Now, what do I do with these?

Linda's notebook from Martin workshop

Linda’s notebook from Martin workshop


There were several more structures we simply didn’t have time for in our limited 3-hour format. Cutting, slotting, paper weaving—all were challenges and fun to produce our energetic take-home samples for later reference. Next…how can we use what we’ve learned to enhance content in our own books?




Old example

Vintage example

Old sample

Vintage example

Thanks, Linda, for all your excellent prep and for bringing along lots of old and new examples of movables for us to look at for inspiration.

Linda suggested we check out the Movable Book Society website to learn more:


Judith moves her circle

Joining the regulars were new members Salle Taft and Maria Blake. Welcome, ladies.

Tables at Tiger Lily

CBAS members proudly displayed their wares at the annual Tiger Lily Print Sale last Saturday. Thanks to everybody (artists/volunteers) who helped make our tables look wonderful — Jo Diamantes, Linda Dietrich, Jody Dominic, Marguerite Katchen, Lou Kroner, Judith Serling-Sturm, Anne Skove, Jeanne Taylor.


TLPLindaMarguerite TLPJeanne


And our gratitude to Tiger Lily Press for again inviting us to join the event.

Save the Date!

Looking ahead to a great workshop in the spring of 2016…

                                                                                                 LETTERING & PATTERN


Laurie Doctor

In this class we will explore alternate letterforms with wide pens, gouache, watercolor, and ink. There is pleasure in making pattern and color, whether you are a beginning or advanced student of lettering. Students will document their work in a pattern book. All levels of experience are welcome.

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, artist Laurie Doctor will travel to Cincinnati for a CBAS-sponsored workshop April 30 and May 1, 2016. Space is reserved for those who can attend both days. Registration will not open until Monday, January 4, and will be received through snail mail only, but now is the time to start thinking and planning. More details will arrive via CBAS email, blog and Facebook page as they become available. Questions? Email Judith Serling-Sturm at <>.

To learn more about Laurie Doctor visit