CBAS Study Group Slides, Spins and Dissolves

Sample books with movables

Sample books with movables

Linda Dietrich led CBAS Study Group members last Saturday in an afternoon workshop focusing on several types of movables we might be able to incorporate in future books.

Setting Started1

Veronica gets started

Getting Started2

One row begins



We started with a slide mechanism and then moved to a dissolve, a changing circle, a simple pinwheel and a turning circle. Linda had learned the forms in a multiple-day workshop with Emily Martin ( in 2010 and used Emily’s instructions to guide us.



Now, what do I do with these?

Now, what do I do with these?

Linda's notebook from Martin workshop

Linda’s notebook from Martin workshop


There were several more structures we simply didn’t have time for in our limited 3-hour format. Cutting, slotting, paper weaving—all were challenges and fun to produce our energetic take-home samples for later reference. Next…how can we use what we’ve learned to enhance content in our own books?




Old example

Vintage example

Old sample

Vintage example

Thanks, Linda, for all your excellent prep and for bringing along lots of old and new examples of movables for us to look at for inspiration.

Linda suggested we check out the Movable Book Society website to learn more:


Judith moves her circle

Joining the regulars were new members Salle Taft and Maria Blake. Welcome, ladies.

Tables at Tiger Lily

CBAS members proudly displayed their wares at the annual Tiger Lily Print Sale last Saturday. Thanks to everybody (artists/volunteers) who helped make our tables look wonderful — Jo Diamantes, Linda Dietrich, Jody Dominic, Marguerite Katchen, Lou Kroner, Judith Serling-Sturm, Anne Skove, Jeanne Taylor.


TLPLindaMarguerite TLPJeanne


And our gratitude to Tiger Lily Press for again inviting us to join the event.

Save the Date!

Looking ahead to a great workshop in the spring of 2016…

                                                                                                 LETTERING & PATTERN


Laurie Doctor

In this class we will explore alternate letterforms with wide pens, gouache, watercolor, and ink. There is pleasure in making pattern and color, whether you are a beginning or advanced student of lettering. Students will document their work in a pattern book. All levels of experience are welcome.

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, artist Laurie Doctor will travel to Cincinnati for a CBAS-sponsored workshop April 30 and May 1, 2016. Space is reserved for those who can attend both days. Registration will not open until Monday, January 4, and will be received through snail mail only, but now is the time to start thinking and planning. More details will arrive via CBAS email, blog and Facebook page as they become available. Questions? Email Judith Serling-Sturm at <>.

To learn more about Laurie Doctor visit


Current Exhibition Nearby


Several of our members traveled up to Oxford, Ohio, last week to hear CBAS member Diane Stemper talk about her training as a printmaker, her introduction to book arts and her work over the years making artist’s books.

From exhibition brochure

From exhibition brochure

Diane’s lecture was in conjunction with the fine exhibition currently on display at the King Library on Miami University’s campus. The Creative Codex: Books as Art in the Walter Havinghurst Special Collections includes almost sixty pieces (5 of Diane’s) and was organized as part of Miami’s designated year of Creativity and Innovation.

Judy Dominic admires the collection

Judy Dominic admires the collection

Curators Ashley Jones and Carly Sentieri have noted in the accompanying brochure that “the materials on display reflect a concentrated effort to build a diverse, provocative collection that will challenge students to reconsider their notion of ‘books’ while also paying tribute to the creativity and innovation of book artists across the globe.” The exhibition will run until December 11, so there is still time to take a short road trip and enjoy this opportunity to see part of another impressive regional collection.

CBAS groupies with Diane at center

CBAS groupies with Diane at center

For library location and details:

Better Know a Board Member!

[This is the second in a series of profiles of CBAS Board members.]

Self-portrait and the real thing

The real thing with self portrait

CBAS Board members Anjali Alm-Basu moved into her new studio in the Loveland Artist Studios building (529 Main, Loveland, Ohio) early this summer. Previously based at home. this transfer of her art supplies from her bedroom to a totally art-designated space is very special. Now, she just has to find the time in her busy schedule to occupy it!

Anjali wears many hats. In 2012 she graduated from the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning at the University of Cincinnati (UC). Her area of focus was conceptual internet art. She also got a certificate in Japanese language and Culture. Then she started putting her many talents to work around the city. Paying jobs currently include being 1) a translator (Swedish to English and vice versa), 2) an academic and test prep tutor for high school students, 3) a tutor in Japanese and 4) assistant to a friend in a wedding photography business. She volunteers at WordPlay, the Northside-based creative writing/literacy center for kids K-12. Another love is being the director and casting director of The Denton Affair, the local floorshow company that performs with the The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Esquire Theatre every other Saturday at midnight and at the Danbarry Theatre once a month. And Anjali acts as well as directs. She just returned from a New York City convention to celebrate the 40th anniversary of this cult classic phenomenon.

Hand-drawn poster for recent NYC gathering

Hand-drawn poster for recent NYC gathering

How/when did Anjali get interested in bookmaking?

Though from childhood she stapled papers to make notebooks and diaries, it wasn’t until college that she learned a stab binding to join a group of her Van Dyke brown prints (similar to cyanotypes but brown). Then she began to explore online tutorials to learn other bindings. She even taught herself case binding via YouTube, Wow! Her skills expanded as she began to volunteer at WordPlay, first as an assistant, then heading the bookbinding guild that meets once a week with students.

Her first book commission came from her father who asked Anjali to produce gift books to give people with whom they would be staying during a European trip in 2013. (Thanks to supportive family members from all of us!)

When did she connect with CBAS and what is her Board role?

Anjali found the CBAS table at Books by the Banks in 2013 where our volunteers were helping kids create small make-and-take books. (For info on 2015 Books by the Banks, see She then checked out our group online and, as she says, “decided I had to be a part of it.” She has enjoyed our monthly Study Group sessions, joined the CBAS Board this past spring and is working on a new committee to explore CBAS participation in FotoFocus 2016 (

What types of books is she making now or does she want to explore?

She especially likes to bind with the Coptic stitch because the books made with it open flat, making them great for writers and artists. With an interest in recycling and upcycling, she’s made an assortment of little Coptics with covers made from all sorts of discarded commercial boxes.

Coptic Blanks



Books Small and Medium on Studio Shelf


She loves “old fashioned case bound and rounded spine books in leather with embossing and gold foil stamping,” but she hasn’t yet had the opportunity or equipment to explore producing these.

What about book content?

Anjali is a skilled comic artist, having already produced two books. (She worked with graphic novelist Carol Tyler at UC.) She’s not into superheroes but autobiographical content so far. A recent visit to a small press fair in Bethesda, Maryland, has provided new inspiration and enthusiasm for the form. You can view her long-form comics here:

Drawing2Swedish-inspired landscape ptg


Anjali continues to pursue her interests in drawing and painting, currently producing landscapes inspired by photographs from her mother’s native Sweden. A long paper strip attached to a studio wall is great for her to experiment with charcoal and graphite whenever, and her painting easel is nearby. She says plein-air work closer to home might be in the future. Maybe these landscape images will one day find their way into books, too.


To find more of Anjali’s work go here: